ReelGuru, a resource for actors of all ages and all levels, was founded by award-winning producer/casting director Catrine McGregor, a 40-year veteran of the film and television industry. The mission of ReelGuru is to provide 'scam-free,' legitimate information for novice to expert actors.

Catrine is a well-respected teacher as well, and has mentored actors all around the world.

Catrine's partner in Life Tale Films is Madalyn VanValkenburgh, who has an uncanny knowledge of the industry in general as well as the casting process an actor development.

Together, Catrine and Madalyn are travelling to the convention to provide discussions and workshops.

''This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of Casting Director Catrine McGregor is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending a workshop is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. Such contact as you may have with Casting Director Catrine McGregor at a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that Casting Director or any company affiliated with that Casting Director.''