The ALL-CON Cosplay Contest Presented by CosPod

The Cosplay Contest is an event for cosplayers to feature their costumes and for attendees to relax and watch some amazing cosplay. Cosplayers can choose between a walk-on and a skit.

All ages are welcome to join in on this fantastic and fun show!

The registration sign-up will be online at the following link:

(Sign up early to ensure your slot AND you'll get your own custom walk-on music to match your character!)

We will also accept entries at the convention from 10 AM until 3 PM. Look for our table! Signs will direct you to us!

If you have any questions, please send all emails to:


Animation & Anime: This can be anything from Looney Tunes, My Little Pony, to Lupin III.

Comic Book & Manga: Visual Novels included!

Video Game: Japanese RPG's, Korean Dating Simulations, Western First Person Shooters, there are no limits in the video game category.

Mixed Media: Have a cosplay you want to show off but it doesn't fit in the main categories? We have you covered. If you are cosplaying as a character from science fiction, fantasy, movie, or anything in between, we'll take it!


No costume is not a costume.

All content must be PG-13 and conform to the convention's standards regarding costumes and props

At least 50% of your costume must be constructed by you.

Characters must be a pre-existing property from movies, television, anime, comic book, etc. Gijinkas and original characters are allowed, but we strongly encourage you to use existing sources in your designs.

If your character is in multiple forms of media, please select the category that he/she/it originates from. Example: Pokémon started as a video game - therefore entries of Pokémon go to Video Game. Exception to this is if the character was developed for the anime. Then you would submit your entry to the Animation & Anime category.

Each walk-on contestant will have 30 seconds on stage. Use the time to pose, act, or dance your butt off! Take the time to act out as your character.

Skits will have a maximum of 2 minutes. All audio must be pre-recorded and sent to for approval. Remember, this is a show for kids too! All recordings will need to be submitted by 03/01/17 in MP3 or WAV format.

Microphones will not be available for contestants. Please do not shout or yell while on the stage.

No swearing, vulgar gestures, lewd acts, or political and/or social statements.

Anything that you bring onto the stage must also go off the stage with you. That means No confetti. No throwing objects or any projectiles.

For safety, any "battle" sequences or stunts need to be performed at 1/4 or 1/2 speed, and 1/4 strength, with one foot remaining on the stage at all times.

Only 4 people are allowed on the stage at a time. Larger groups will need to split up their entries to accommodate the stage space.

Contestants must arrive in full costume at 5 PM for line-up. Late contestants may be disqualified.

The ALL-CON Cosplay Contest is as much about fun as it is about good sportsmanship. Every contestant is expected to have a positive attitude and be on their best behavior. Failure to have sportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. Please be polite and respectful to the cosplay staff, crew, judges, the audience, and most important of all - your fellow competitors.