Don't Lose Your Geek Card - Star Wars Edition

Rated: Teen

Category: Game Show

Produced by: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions; Rantcor Pit

Your favorite Star Wars guys from The Rantcor Pit and The Rantcor Pit Live bring their simple tricks and nonsense to the game shows track with this edition of Don't Lose Your Geek Card set in that galaxy far, far away. As with the traditional version, contestants receive three Geek Cards each and are confronted with 40 questions over eight categories, all Star Wars themed of course. Contestants who answer a question incorrectly lose a Geek Card and if they lose all three during the game they are out! But there are random Bonus Cards out there to be won with a correct answer to the questions paired with such cards that act as extra Geek Cards. There are also Prize Cards out there that can earn contestants some cool Star Wars swag. If you think the Force is with you then you might wind up as a contestant of this incarnation of the show.

Points are awarded for every correctly answered question as well as for each Geek Card retained and every Bonus Card earned (and retained). Prize Cards do not add to the point total, but at least there is a nice prize involved! Don't like the Star Wars? Check out the other incarnations of Don't Lose Your Geek Card!

Contestants: Three


THU 8:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level]

Speaking: Leah; Jeff Hendrickson