Do You Like ''The Star Wars''?

Rated: Teen

Category: Game Show

Produced by: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions; Rantcor Pit

The Rantcor Pit will be hosting three unique game shows over the weekend and this is certainly one of them! Jedi or Sith, Rebel scum or Imperial agent, moof milker or nerf herder, Outlander, smuggler, bush pilot, or scoundrel all Star Wars fans are invited to watch or participate in a lively Star Wars trivia game presented by The JediCole Universe's Star Wars podcast The Rantcor Pit! Even your droids are welcome!

Test your trivia knowledge with questions encompassing all eight episodes of the cinematic Saga plus 2016's Rogue One. Is the Force with you? Do you just plain like Star Wars? Either way, this is the game show for you!

Contestants: Three


FRI 5:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level]

Speaking: JediCole Houston; Eddie Medina