Secrets of the Cosplay Community

Rated: Teen

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: The East Texas Hive - Wil D'Alien Cosplay

When I first set out to build my suit, there was not a lot of information out there. And only a few others ( 3 at the time ). I did as much research that I could, then asked these few for helpful advice. What I learned was surprising. Secrets! Most cosplay communities are more than willing to help anyone with a question about a build. Not so in the Alien / Predator build groups. This is a very tight group of people. This is my story on how:
#1 Finished my suit
#2 Became a part of this group
#3 How I began helping others
#4 And learned that secrets need to be kept


SAT 5:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: BEL-AIR 1 [Lobby Level]

Speaking: Wilhelm Deinbeck


SUN 11:00a.m. (45 mins.) Room: MAIN STAGE: MALACHITE SHOWROOM [Lobby Level]

Speaking: Wilhelm Deinbeck