Maid Contest

Rated: Everyone

Category: Activity

Produced by: Kira Kira Entertainment

Kira Kira Entertainment is proud to present to you The Maid Contest! The Maid Contest is an event where maids of all kinds enter to compete for the title of Best Maid!

Any maid can enter the maid contest, regardless of gender, age, or style of uniform! No maid uniform? That's all right. Come and populate the audience. This contest is great fun to watch! Non participatory maids are welcome, too.

Contestants will answer a series of questions and do a series of tasks (such as table setting) that any good maid should know how to do, and will be rated by our panel of judges, which will differ from convention to convention.

The top three maids will win some fabulous prizes!

The Maid Contest has been at ALL-CON since 2010, and has also appeared at A-kon and Anime Fest! The Maid Contest this year is on Saturday at Noone! Please come to the Kira Kira Entertainment booth one hour prior to the contest to pre-register! (There will also be some sign-ups available at the door.)


SAT Noon (90 mins.) Room: LALIQUE I [Ballroom Level]