Art Auction: Live

Rated: Everyone

You saw it at the Art Show and had to have it. Now it has gone to auction and the price is right! Bid carefully and it'll be yours before the day is through!

Category: Activity


Art Show Open

Rated: Everyone

ALL-CON offers a gallery environment where artists showcase and sell their fine works in mediums of their own expression.

Standard rules apply: No food or drink and no photography or recording. If you love something, you are encouraged to buy it, take it home, and love it forever.

Feeling Creative? Stop in and contribute your own artistic efforts to the ALL-CON community art mural! Whether you're a seasoned expressionist or a doodler of stick-like figures, express your inner artist.

Category: Display



Rated: Mature

Produced By: La Divina Productions

For an hour and a half on Saturday night the main ballroom changes over to a format not typically seen at fandom culture conventions. ALL-CON presents burlesque on the big stage, featuring professional performers from across the state and beyond.

There's no way you're going to want to miss out on these moves. (Must be 18 with photo ID and conventino badge.)

Reserved seating is available in advance. Seating is limited. Remaining seats are FREE to all ALL-CON attendees on a first-come first-seated basis.

In 2010 La Divina Burlesque took over as the professional booking agent for the burlesque performance at ALL-CON. Diamond Jim is entrusted with the task of putting together a tasteful performance certain to leave every member of the audience satisfied that the art of burlesque is alive and well.

In 2014 the peformance time was increased to 90 minutes to accmodate both burlesque and boylesque performers; a show for everybody!

Category: Performance


Burlesque Seating

Rated: Mature

Lines for the La Divina Production burlesque performance will be seated in first-come order. Ticket holders need not line up as ticketed seats are reserved and they may enter at any time after 8:30.

Category: Audience Seating


Cosplay Check-In and Line-Up

Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Cospod

Cosplay contest entries... check in here, and line up for show time! Meet in the Malachite Showroom promptly to check in, receive instructions, and prepare to complete.

Category: Competition


Cosplay Contest

Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Cospod

The Cosplay Contest is an event for cosplayers to feature their costumes and for attendees to relax and watch some amazing cosplay. Cosplayers can choose between a walk-on and a skit for their performance. Cosplayers of all ages are welcome to join in on this fantastic and fun show!

All content must be PG-13 and conform to the convention's rules regarding costumes and props. At least 50% of your costume must be constructed by you. Characters must be a pre-existing property from movies, television, anime, comic book, etc. No original characters at this time - Gijinkas are allowed.

Full rules should be read here prior to applying:

Category: Competition