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JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions


SUN 9:00a.m.: JediCole’s Morning After (45 mins.)

Room: ELM (2nd Floor, Back) Rated: Teen

Produced By: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions

Speaking: Cole Houston

ALL-CON's longest running talk show returns! Waking up early on Sunday morning is not easy, just ask JediCole! But if you are over your hang over from Saturday night be sure to show up 9 AM on Sunday for the annual antics!

Cole ''JediCole'' Houston brings aspects of The JediCole Universe Live to the show as well as some new surprises. JediCole's morning after is not so much a panel as just a gathering place for early birds. There will be laughs and fun and if all goes well, maybe even a special guest or two! Plus another episode of ''It Came From the Dollar Store!''

JediCole and friends will be looking for YOU on Sunday morning!

Category: Game Show