ALL-CON Cosplay Contest 2021 - The Rules!

Updated: 2/03/20

Cosplayers! Get your lightsabers, bat'leth, and dragon-slaying axes ready! The Cosplay Contest is back, Saturday March 14!

Online sign-ups are available now at: Form will close Monday, March 9th, 2021.

On-site sign-ups will be at the convention computer station outside of Dogwood (across from Oak Ballroom, next to the Volunteer's Table) Friday March 13 through Saturday March. Limit of 50 contestants.

Entries - Once you sign up, please be at the Oak Ballroom in full costume at 3 PM Saturday, March 14 for pre-judging! Any questions? Please contact


Open/Exhibition: Didn't make your costume but want to show off your cosplay? No problem! We have a category just for you. Store bought, thrift-store, and slightly modified costumes are all welcomed.

Beginner: For first time cosplayers or for first time entries! Cosplayers in this category have not won any major awards at any convention and need to have made or altered at least 50% of their costume.

Intermediate: If you've been cosplaying for 1-3 years, have some contest experience or have won at least 1 major award at any convention, this is your category. Entries must have made or altered at least 50% of their costume.

Advanced: For cosplayers with more than 3 years of experience or have won at least 3 major awards from any convention. Entries must have made or altered at least 70% of their costume.

Notes: If you are modeling the costume but did not make it, the individual/group who made your costume(s) must be available for pre-judging. Judges reserve the right to upgrade a contestant(s) category based on the costume quality.


01. All entries must have an ALL-CON badge in order to participate (single/weekend passes).

02. No costume is not a costume.

03. All cosplays must be PG-13 and conform to the convention guidelines.

04. All categories are required to go through pre-judging before the contest.

05. At least 50%-70% of your costume must be constructed by you and/or the crafter, unless you are entering the Open/Exhibition Category.

06. If you are entering the Exhibition Category, your costume will be eligible for a Judge's Award or Exhibition Category Award. Your costume will not be eligible for other Awards.

07. If your costume has won a major award at any convention it may compete. However, your costume will not be eligible for Category Awards or Best in Show. It will be eligible for a Judge's Award.

08. This contest is for Walk-On's only. We do not have a skit division.

09. Each walk-on will have 30 seconds on stage. Use the time to pose, act, or dance your butt off! Take the time to act out as your character.

10. Microphones will not be available for contestants. Please do not shout or yell while on the stage. No swearing, vulgar gestures, lewd acts, or political and/or social statements.

11. Anything that you bring onto the stage must also go off the stage with you. No confetti or glitter. No throwing objects or any projectiles.

12. For safety, any ''battle'' sequences or stunts need to be performed at 3⁄4 or 1⁄2 speed, and 1⁄2 strength, with one foot remaining on the stage at all times.

13. Only groups of 4 are allowed on stage at a time.

14. Contestants must arrive in full costume at 3PM for line-up and pre-judging. Late contestants may be disqualified.

15. All contestants should bring in a photocopy print-out reference of their character.

16. The ALL-CON Cosplay Contest is as much about fun as it is about good sportsmanship. Every contestant is expected to be on their best behavior. Failure to have sportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. Please be polite and respectful to the cosplay staff, crew, judges, the audience, and most important of all - your fellow competitors.


There will be a Judge's Award from each Judge (at the sole discretion of the judging team). One winner for each category. One Grand Prize winner for Best In Show. All decisions are final. Prizes are subject to change before the event.

Hoku Props, Meow About Cosplay, & MikoMiko Cosplay

Best Open/Exhibition:
$25, EVA Foam Bundle, and a Trophy!

Best Beginner:
$25, EVA Foam Bundle, and a Trophy!

Best Intermediate:
$50, EVA Foam Bundle, and a Trophy!

Best Advanced:
$75, EVA Foam Bundle, and a Trophy!

Best in Show:
$100, Cricut Explore Air 2 Prize Pack (includes the machine, additional blades and accessories, cutting mats, and vinyl rolls), EVA Foam Bundle, and a Trophy! Total valued at over $600!