Please join us for ''Texas Peepshow Burlesque presents ALL THAT DRAG at ALL-CON.''

You've seen drag performers talk about their entertainment on panels at ALL-CON in years previous - now come see them live on stage, dancing and lip synching their hearts out for YOU! These drag queens and kings of ALL-CON will give you all the class and sass you could want, so get ready to cheer and fall in love with these fabulous performers.

Thank you to all of the first year performers who made 2019, the inaugural year, such a huge success!


Buck Wylde



Jeremy Apollo

Kylee Fatale

Randy D'Hardness

Saline Dripp

Violetta Vendetta

• Buck Wylde is Mr. CEBA All-American King 2014, alumni member of Mustache Envy, and winner of the Artie Brooks award for Comedic Excellence in Burlesque. He's a smooth Latin drag king, sharper than a switchblade comb.

• EctoBabble is a ragdoll from space who stumbled upon this earthly place! With a ragtag team of puppets they tell stories, paint and craft their own world on both Instagram and as a Twitch Affiliate. They are the 2019 Mr. CEBA Winner and are looking forward to many more years of meeting fantastic folks looking for a swell time in fairytales. Audience Participation is requested!

• Fauxbia is host and producer of the bi-monthly drag and burlesque show ''Glamazon Prime'' at Urban Cowboy in Fort Worth. She also recently won Season Three of the Queer Off at Sue Ellens in Dallas.

• Jeremy Apollo has been doing drag for a year and a half. You can find him performing every first Saturday of the month for The Studz Show at club reflections in Fort Worth. Drag is his passion and he can not wait to share it with you all.

• Kylee Fatale is a returning performer from ALL-CON 2019!

• Randy D'Hardness returns a second year at ALL-CON!

Randy is a Regular of the Tuesday Tease stage at Sue Ellens and has been since March 2014. He has just become a brand new member of the Mustache Envy Drag and Burlesque trope and can be seen every third Friday of the month, also at Sue Ellens. He's been crowned as both Mr. CEBA All-American King 2017 and Mr. Denton 2018.

He's the glitter and cosplay king who'll do just about anything!

• Saline Dripp is a member of the Los Bastardos Rocky Horror cast and is the current reigning Mx. Deep Ellum.

• Violetta Vendetta is a non binary drag performer, cosplayer, and vocalist. A regular performer of Tuesday Tease in Dallas and Glitterbomb in Denton. For ALL-CON, they are portraying a young hero with a power that's both hot and cold. Here to show you that your power is all your own and no one else's, the femme in fire Violetta Vendetta.