Fans of Harry Potter - something ENCHANTING this way comes! Los Bastardos will host an ''officially unofficial'' all-House Hogwarts ''Common Room'' to serve as a meeting place for Hogwarts and Harry Potter fans of all ages.

In the Common Room, all of the students from all Houses of Hogwarts are welcome and encouraged to join us whenever the Room is open to discuss logic and lore, learn a bit of trivia, create some crafty goods, befriend those from all Houses, or just sit and recharge for a bit before heading back out into the Muggle world.

Watch the schedules for certain activities - not only will the room be a space for general merriment, but there is a full day of competition for the House Cup, which will be awarded at the end of the ''year'' (or the convention, whichever may come first), to the winning House.

Wear your robes, sport your House colors, bring your games and accessories, meet other fans, and show us your favorite charms - the Wizard world is much more fun with friends!


10:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Early Edition! The Quibbler vs. The Daily Prophet

10:30 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - O.W.L.S. & The Quibbler vs. The Daily Prophet (cont.)

11:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - The Horcrux hunt and the Dragon hunt

Noon - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Potions Class - 2 challenges in one hour

1:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Wizarding World Trivia

2:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Divination Class... still a little hazy...

3:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Rejected ''Honeyduke's'' Treats Tasting Trial

4:00 - Harry Potter - Tea Time is Me Time

5:00 - Harry Potter - BINGO

6:00 - HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE - Butterbeer Pong - no liquid rewards, but points are plentiful

7:00 - CLASS ENDS, last assignment turned in at 7 p.m.

For more details, see each event's expanded description in the daily schedule!